Department of Political Science

Departmental Mission:

The mission of the department is to impart knowledge and create consciousness by instilling socio-political awareness through learning and Practice, thereby building a politically aware and socially responsible society.

Departmental Objectives:
  1. To create environments of learning for students to fully realize their potential and encourage innovative thinking.
  2. To impart emphasis on learning by doing method through seminar, discussion etc.
  3. To help the academically / mathematically disadvantaged students through the conduct of remedial classes on a regular basis.
  4. To upgrade the departmental library.
  5. To undertake activities towards personality development of the students.
  6. To conduct social service programme.
  7. To conduct awareness programme on environment.
  8. To inculcate civic responsibility of the department.
  9. To provide financial assistance for the economically disadvantaged students of the department.
Achievements So Far:
  1. Opening of Major Course
  2. Results of Students : Results have been improving year by year. Students of H.S. regularly getting star marks in Political Science. In TDC (1+1+1) Final exams, our department has recorded hundred (100%) percent pass percentage from the year 2010 to 2012.
  3. In the year 2010, our student Manika Das had secured First Class 4th (with Distinction) position in B.A. Major Exam. conducted by the G.U.
  4. In the year 2012, four of our students – Nipan Haloi,Jyotika Choudhury, Rashmi Bora and Madhabi Singh had secured1st Class.
  5. One faculty member of the department Mr. Kamal Medhi was bestowed the M.Phil degree in the year 2009.
History of the Department:

With the establishment of the college in 1978, the department of Political Science also came into being. Major courses were introduced from the 1992-93 session. Past and present professors associated with this department are as follows:

  1. Mrs. Geeta Choudhury.
  2. Mr. Bijoy Gogoi.
  3. Mrs. Niva Thakuria.
  4. Mr. Khagen Ch. Boro.
  5. Mr. Shantanu Chakrabarty.
  6. Mrs Malabika Choudhury.
  7. Mrs. Indrani Choudhury Mahanta.
  8. Mrs. Dharitri Thakuria.
  9. Mr. Kamal Medhi
  10. Miss Debashmita Chakraborty
  11. Chayanika Bora
Admission Process:

Students are admitted on overall merit basis for the general courses. For Major Course entrance test is conducted with the cut of marks at 50 in respective subject.

Internal Assessment System:

Internal assessment system conducted through unit test. To evaluate the students, unit tests are held by the dept. from time to time. However, from the session 2004-05, seminar presentation, group discussion, debate, home assignment etc. are doing among the students of Major classes.

Facilities and Assets:

The students are our main asset. Besides this, department has its own library with around 400 books and 8 journals. In the Central library, 802 text book, 439 references and 3 journals are available.

Departmental Activities:
  1. A departmental seminar was organized on 27th August, 2011, with equal participation by the students from all the three years under the Major course. Presided over by the Head of the Department, Mr. Khagen Ch. Boro and attended by other faculty members – Mrs. Indrani Choudhury Mahanta, Mrs. Dharitri Thakuria and Mr. Kamal Medhi.
  2. A departmental debate on the topic, “Look East Policy is beneficial for North-East India” was organized on 20th October, 2011. Presided over by the Head of the Department, Mr. Khagen Ch. Boro and attended by other faculty members – Mrs. Indrani Choudhury Mahanta, Mrs. Dharitri Thakuria and Mr. Kamal Medhi, the debate was participation from all students enrolled under Political Science (Major) course.
  3. A departmental seminar was organized among the students of Political Science (Major), Second Semester on 22nd March, 2013.All the faculty members of the Department and students of second and fourth semester, Political Science (Major) attended and participated in the seminar.
  4. A departmental seminar was organized among the students of Political Science (Major), Fourth Semester on 21st March, 2013, Inaugurated by Mrs. Indrani Choudhury Mahanta, the students presented various topics in various groups.
  5. The departmental journal of the Department of Political Science, “Janachintan” was inaugurated on 22nd May, 2013 by the Honorable President of the Governing Body of Dispur College.The function was presided over by the College Principal, Dr. Amar Saikia and was attended by all the faculty members of the college.
  6. The Department of Political Science have organised a field trip for the major students of 4th & 6th semester to Tezpur the cultural capital of Assam.
  7. The major students of the Political Science department from time to time organise freshers social, Teachers day where all the students participate and take active parts. During these kinds of functions the students performs to the best of their abilitices.
  8. Students are helped regularly by the teacher by providing reference books, reading materials and all necessary assistance.
  9. Departmental seminars held for all major students.
  10. Home assignments given to the major students.
  11. Some of the major students of the department are actively participated in NCC and NSS team.
Strategies for future:
  1. To undertake research publication and project.
  2. To implement innovative methods of teaching.
  3. To organise a state level seminar
  4. To regularly organise lectures by prominent personalities for the benefit of the students.
  5. To undertake educational tour, exchanges programme and promote socio-cultural activities.
Research Project:

Mr. Kamal medhi, a part time lecturer of the dept has worked in ‘UNICEF’ sponsored project “PROFILE ON WOMEN PANCHAYAT FUNCTIONARIES IN ASSAM” as district project Co-ordinator, carried out by Women Studies and Research Centre, Gauhati University.

Teaching Techniques:

We supplement the conventional lecture method with the learning by doing method.

Academic Counselling:

Students are always given informal academic counselling both inside and outside the classroom. However, academic counselling is now being undertaken through the Career Counseling and Guidance Cell. They are also provided with career opportunity along with academic counselling.

Extension Services:

The department has undertaken one Survey on political awareness of the people of Saukuchi revenue village near Lakhara Tinali, Guwahati. The main idea behind the survey was to study the political awareness of the villagers, which is near the Guwahati City. The department along with the education department conducted another survey in 2001-2002. The dept. also conducted a yoga Workshop in August 2002 along with the Economics dept. An educational tour was undertaken by the Department to the epic centre of Ahom history- Sivasagar, for the students of B.A. 3rd year.


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