Department of Mathematics

Departmental Mission:
  1. Impart Mathematical & Statistical knowledge and create Stastical & Mathematical consciousness by instilling awareness through learning and practice, thereby building a basic Mathematical & Statistical aware and socially responsible society.
  2. To develop thinking and values of the students towards the society and to promote sound basis of commerce Education.
  3. To Support the teaching and public service mission of the College.
Value Statements:

We are committed to the success of our students as they are our most valuable resource.

Departmental Objectives:
  1. To create environments of learning for students to fully realize their potential and encourage innovative thinking.
  2. To impart emphasis on learning by doing method through seminar, discussion etc.
  3. To help the academically / mathematically disadvantaged students through the conduct of remedial classes on a regular basis.
  4. To upgrade the departmental library.
Achievements So Far:
  1. Opening of Mathematical and Statistics as General Subject from the session 1998-1999 for Commerce students.
  2. Results of students have been improving year by year. Students of higher secondary are regularly getting encouraging marks in Commercial Mathematics and Statistics (CMS).
  3. More than 150 students enrolled for the Major subjects in Semester and BMT is a compulsory subject to all Major student in the same.
  4. Nearly 300 students are opted Business Statistics as common subject in B.Com 2nd semester every year.
  5. Contributed actively in Common Departmental Journal for Commerce published in the session 2013-14.
History of the Department:
  1. Dispur College was established in 1978, The College came into existence to meet the growing demand for higher education due to the shifting of the capital of Assam from Shillong to Dispur. During the tenure of Principal, Shri Reba Kanta Hazarika the college shifted to its present premises in 1987, at the foothill of Narakasur Hill near Ganeshguri Chariali, Dispur, in the heart of Guwahati City.
  2. From the academic session 1991-92 the Commerce Stream was introduced at the Higher Secondary level in the morning shift to meet the demands of the students of the locality.
  3. From the academic session 1994-95 the commerce stream was introduced at the degree level in the morning shift. G.U Permission to introduced TDC 1st Year in Commerce from 1994-95 EC Res No. 94/24/292(39) dt. 17.12.1994.
  4. Major courses were introduced from the 1998-1999 session for all morning shift degree students. Statistics in a common paper for all commerce students in the B. Com 2nd semester.
  5. Govt. Concurrence also received for TDC 1st. Year (General Course) in 2000; TDC 2nd Year (General Course) and TDC 3rd Year (General Course) and TDC 3rd Year (Gneneral Course) in 2001.
  6. Major Courses are also introduced in Evening Shift from the session 2007-2008. Mathematics is a compulsory paper for all Major students in commerce stream of 1st Semester
  7. From the session 2011-12, Due to increasing workload and decentralization of commerce stream, the Governing body of the College created four separate departments e.g. Dept. of Accountancy, Management, Finance & Mathematics in conformity with other affiliating colleges.
  8. Gauhati University granted permission for TDC 1st Year Commerce (Major Course) in Subject – Finance, Accountancy and Management from the session 2011-12 Vide EC Res No. R/EC-02/2012/17 (B) (10) DAed – 28-03-2012. Mathematics is a compulsory paper for all major students & Statistics is a common paper for all commerce students.


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