Department of Education

Departmental Mission:

To provide an integrated vision of education by imparting knowledge through learning and practice concerning the mental, physical, psychological, social and moral dimensions of man and thereby contributing to the production of complete men and women for society.

Departmental Objectives:

Keeping in mind the above mentioned mission, the department has set its objectives in the following manner :

  1. To acquaint the student with the knowledge of the subject Eduction on a wider scale.
  2. To provide an opportunity to the students for higher education in the subject.
  3. To realize the objectives the department has undertaken different activities with the students both in and outside the institution. With different programmes and activities the department also tries to touch the various aspects of development under different heads.
  4. Emphasizing on learning and practice method :This has been reflected in the departmental seminars, surveys, workshops which have been conducted with the students. Student’s participation, presentation, interaction, preparation and analysis were portrayed in all these programmes. In the near future also the department will arrang these activities for the same.
  5. To increase the competency of faculties and students :This has also been reflected in the seminars, visiting lectures, workshops, group discussion etc. which have been done under the department. The active participation from both teachers and students have made this possible. More such activities will be arranged in the future programmes of the department.
  6. To promote an ambience of creativity and innovation :The department has encouraged the students always to participate in different cultural programmes of co-curricular and extracurricular activities like programme with other institutions, projects etc. and accordingly some of them performed in few programmes also. For future plans, co-curricular programmes, educational tours, students exchange programmes, will be taken up. As for example, exhibitions during Silver Jubilee Celebrations, Freshers’ Social can be shown here.
  7. To acquaint the students with the knowledge of the subject Education:Again to acquaint the students with the knowledge in the subject of Education on a wider scale, the department tried to provide the students some environmental and social activities / drives with the hope that they would be capable of enriching the environment with their knowledge and strength, both for other people and themselves. Hence the department has already organized cleanliness drives, awareness programmes collaborating with the Nature Club and other departments of the College. For future activities, the department will include some other programmes also.
  8. Remedial courses for disadvantage group of students :Remedial classes of the Education department were started from the 26th of November 2003 to 10th February, 2004. As per the departmental routine classes were taken by the faculty members for both TDC and HS levels on mutual basis. The Classes were meant only for the casual students. The attendance register depicts poor attendance. The faculty members tried their best to meet the needs of the students who came to clear their doubts on the topics of the syllabus. They were also guided as how to answer the questions properly to secure better marks.
Achievements So Far:
  1. Opening of Major Course
  2. Results of Students : Results have been improving year by year. Students of H.S. regularly getting star marks in Political Science. In TDC (1+1+1) Final exams, our department has recorded hundred (100%) percent pass percentage from the year 2010 to 2012.
  3. In the year 2010, our student Manika Das had secured First Class 4th (with Distinction) position in B.A. Major Exam. conducted by the G.U.
  4. In the year 2012, four of our students – Nipan Haloi,Jyotika Choudhury, Rashmi Bora and Madhabi Singh had secured1st Class.
  5. One faculty member of the department Mr. Kamal Medhi was bestowed the M.Phil degree in the year 2009.


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