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The College Library is a learning resource centre for the users (students, teachers, staff). Users can access the wide range of resources comprising texbooks, reference books, periodicals etc. of Indian and international authors. The library has a total collection of 17,340 (texbooks and referenc books) till date covering different subject. The Library has a total 13(thirteen) periodical comprising different subjects journals, general Magazines and 7(seven) Newspapers.

H.S. students are given 2 (two) Reader’s Ticket (library cards) and T.D.C. Semester students are given 2 (two) (for pass course) and 3 (three) (for Major course) Reader’s Ticket for borrwing the books from the library. Some of the general library rules which the students must follow in the library are:

  1. No students are allowed to enter the library without college uniform.
  2. Students cannot use the mobile phone within the library.
  3. Students should maintain silence within the library and should try to keep it clean
  4. Students cannot chew any kind of intoxicants wihtin the library.
  5. Students are to return the books within the due date after which a fine of Re.1 (per day) will be charged.
  6. Borrowed books mutilated, damaged or lost, will have to be replaced or the price of the book paid by the borrower.
  7. For loss of Reader’s Ticket, a fine of Rs.20 (per card) will be charged.
  8. Students cannot borrow the books using other students cards as it is not transferrable.

The library has SOUL 2.0: a library management software, for the automation of the housekeeping activities of the library. Till now, 12,000 data of the books have been entered. Recently, for accessing the e-resources through N-LIST (National Library and Information services Infrastructure of Scholarly Content) program under INFLIBNET Centre, Gujarat, has been installed in the library. N-LIST is a college component of the UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium, mainly provided to the colleges, for accessing the e-resources (comprising e-books and e-journals) by the users.



Designation : Librarian

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